Update, and another apology

Andrew Cohen has recently issued an apology, his second.

Rumor has it that Andrew Cohen has been in regular contact with various spiritual teachers for personal counsel–and also, perhaps, regarding what it would take for him to make a comeback, i.e., to rehabilitate his reputation and restore himself to a position of power and influence he didn’t deserve even when he had it.

Meanwhile, Cohen’s ex-followers are divided over what went wrong and how to proceed with their lives, both individually and collectively. Predictably, the ongoing dialogue within the post-apocalyptic community of EnlightenNext alumni covers a complete spectrum of views, from anger to forgiveness, and from clarity to (from my point of view) self-delusion.

Obviously, the process of discrimination will take some time–and unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any guarantee, on an individual level, of complete recovery. As Len Oakes and others who have studied such groups point out, the types of adjustments ex-followers make in the aftermath of such a collapse are both various and predictable.

Whatever the case, EnlightenNext no longer exists as a functioning organization, and at this time its outreach no longer poses a serious threat to people’s loved ones. Should that change, an update will be posted on this site.

I would like to express my appreciation for all the support I have received in the challenging endeavor of writing and publicizing American Guru and maintaining this website; it really has made all the difference.

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