Andrew Cohen Retires From His Sabbatical, and Issues His Second Letter of Justification/Apology

Andrew Cohen has recently issued an apology, his second.

After announcing publicly in 2013 (in Apology #1) that he was taking a leave from his work as a guru because he’d discovered, under pressure, that he did in fact have an ego and thus was taking time to “become a better man”, Andrew Cohen subsequently disappeared to India making no public utterances for the next two years.

In June 2015 Cohen made the announcement that not only was he back in the U.S., but that he’d rented a home to live in, in Lenox MA, where his Ashram once was, now a crumbling mansion that has been on the market for sale for many years with a steadily declining price tag. Shortly after arriving back in town, he issued Apology #2, with all the fanfare of every other great advance of his Work, and he posted this Apology/Announcement on his blog and invited or at least allowed comments.

You may read the Apology #2 here.

I have selected comments to include which reveal something about this new development, and how it is being received.

The comments selected are from long time fully involved students, and they fit into three categories: Those who fully support Cohen and find no fault (1), those who fault some of his actions but still believe in the spiritual theories and practices of EnlightenNext (1), and those, the majority, who find a great deal of fault in both Andrew Cohen the man and EnlightenNext the organization and its practices. The reason there are only 1 in each of the first two categories is that there was only one commenter whose remarks fell into each category.

I have selected about a dozen out of hundreds of comments, first for the sake of brevity and second only comments by those with long time fully involved experience. This effort to post the apology letter and selected comments is to make the record permanent, since in the past Cohen has deleted some of his more outspoken expressions. As one example there was a blog post he wrote entitled “A Declaration of Integrity”, posted in 2006 and removed several years later.

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