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Recent Developments:

Not So Fast: Following the Money – With Eyes Wide Open

Foxhollow, The Aftermath – A photo album of the ashram’s last days

The “A” List of Andrew Cohen – A Catalog of Trauma and Abuse

My Dinner With Andrew – a former student’s impressions of Andrew Cohen today.

Andrew Cohen and the Fall of the Mythic Guru in an Age of PR-Spin

Andrew Cohen’s Apologies

More Articles:

  • When the Most Awake Among Us Fall Asleep: Marc Gafni, His Supporters, and Wetiko

    – by Paul Levy
    A fascinating look at the support of an abusive spiritual teacher by supposedly “conscious and evolved” leaders like Ken Wilber, with many remarkable parallels to the Andrew Cohen situation.

  • Making Sense of Post-Cult Trauma
    Conference by International Cultic Studies Association; paper presented by William Yenner, October 2012 in New York.
    Conference Video

  • Cartoons from the Sub-Basement
    “I’ve got this center-of-the-Universe gig”

  • Scientology: The Story – The New York Review of Books, by Diane Johnson
    A chilling expose with countless troubling parallels to EnligtenNext.

  • “The More I Hear, The More Disturbed I Feel”
    Andrew Cohen’s Mis-Integration of Spiritual Philosophy into Life
    by Elliot Benjamin

  • Interview with the Woman Whose Donation Made Foxhollow Possible
    Jane O’Neil Wieder interviewed on NPR radio affiliate KCRW; speaks about the process that led her to donate $2 million to enable purchase of the Foxhollow ashram, then later regretted it. Click on “Listen”, the interview begins at the 7:00 minute point in the audio.

  • Image Makeover Underway at EnlightenNext: Over the past several years there has been a concerted effort by EnlightenNext to “defang” what had been its persona of aggressive insistence of its rightness, vigorous denial of all criticism, and rejection of any claims by former students that mistakes were made and people were abused. See the following 3 articles:
  • I Love Him, I Hate Him, I Love Him Again Devotion, Deception and Opportunism in Andrew Cohen’s Re-found Love for His Guru, H.W.L. Poonja by Stas Mavrides
  • “From Rude Boy to Nice Guy”, posted on WhatEnlightenment??!
  • A Declaration of Integrity, Andrew Cohen’s disappeared blog post.
  • Lawrence Wright and the Prison of Belief, a video interview of Paul Haggis about Wright’s new book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief 1/18/13
  • Cut From the Same Cloth: Scientology and EnlightenNext
  • The Humiliation Sect, posted in the UK Daily Mail 12/14/12
  • Noteworthy
  • Andrew Cohen’s EnlightenNext Magazine Shuttered
  • Statements of EnlightenNext magazine contributors
  • Foreword to American Guru by Stephen Batchelor
  • Andrew Cohen Exposed by David Lane, Ph.D.
  • EnlightenNext “World Headquarters” For Sale
  • Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen and Evolutionary Enlightenment by Be Scofield
  • Disease of Conscience: A Response to Cohen Supporters by Be Scofield
  • A Darker Side to EnlightenNext
  • Review of The Guru Papers; a map to spiritual empowerment, at Elephant Journal.
  • A Shared State of Defeat
  • Whose Empowerment? – or how to spot a cult, by Jason Wingate
  • Evolutionary Enlighten…
  • American Guru now available on Kindle by
  • “Sometimes I feel like a god”
  • A Tragic Situation For All Concerned
  • Adi Da: Perfect Devotion to Me
  • Assassination Plot Against Andrew Cohen
  • Andrew Cohen and the Future
  • The Worst of Both Worlds, When East Meets West
  • Review of American Guru by Kevin R.D. Shepherd
  • Evolution as Metaphysics and Spiritual Violence
  • American Guru at Integral Theory Conference
  • Integral Egos Gone Wild: Wilber and Cohen relish worship
  • Andrew Cohen and White Man’s Burden
  • EnlightenNext’s Deceptive Web Tactics Revealed
  • Letter from Jared
  • Spiritual Narcissism from Integral World
  • Andrew Cohen Change? from Worldwide Happiness blog
  • Chosen one of 10 Best Non-fiction Books of 2009, by P2P Foundation
  • CTSB Television interview of William Yenner, on YouTube
  • “An Abusive Guru”, book review on Church of the Churchless
  • “Review of American Guru” by Geoffrey Falk
  • “Liberation: freedom from craving to be perfect”, on Church of the Churchless
  • “Andrew Cohen and the Road to Legitimacy”, by Joseph Gelfer, on Beyond Growth
  • Book talk by William Yenner at the Bookstore
  • “Breaking Away,” article in Daily Hampshire Gazette
  • “American Guru” reviewed by Marc Beneteau on Integral Evolutionary