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About the Author

William Yenner was first introduced to meditation in Rishikesh, India in the 1970s, and was later a committed practitioner of Buddhist Vipassana meditation. His involvement with Andrew Cohen and Cohen’s EnlightenNext community spanned thirteen years.

His story is typical of that of many long time students of Cohen’s. At the outset, it was characterized by idealism and inspiration. In the middle, devotion and hard work prevailed as he helped build the organization. And in the end, he was left disillusioned and disappointed after a series of debilitating, abusive experiences.

Following his departure, and in order to secure the return of a large monetary donation that he had been pressured to give to Cohen, a gag order prevented his writing or speaking publicly about his experiences in Cohen’s community. That gag order expired in the summer of 2008, and following that he began the work of writing and editing this volume.

Yenner currently lives in Western Massachusetts, owns a property management business, and travels often.