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Andrew Cohen and White Man’s Burden

A recent post and follow up discussion on Huffington Post by one of the editors of EnlightenNext magazine exposes the underlying attitudes and beliefs of Andrew Cohen regarding what he claims to be the foundation of his own “awakening,” that being traditional Indian spiritual philosophy.

Now Cohen has “seen through the limitations” of traditional spirituality, and he is ready to point the way for all to see the true North – of course assuming that he knows the Way.

From a comment to the post:

“[Cohen’s statements can be] seen as another example of Orientalism and an attempt by white Westerners to missionize India. Cohen goes to India in the 1980’s and gets “enlightened.” Now he returns to teach the Indians better. He presumes to be introducing an advance over ancient Indian philosophy, a “new and improved” enlightenment. Yet it is obvious he never deeply studied or understood Indian spirituality… If Cohen ever returns to India, I hope he will have the humility to engage in a prolonged study of Indian spirituality before having the temerity to critique and “improve” it.”