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EnlightenNext Ashram For Sale

EnlightenNext, Andrew Cohen’s non-profit organization, has decided to put its Ashram, known as Foxhollow, up for sale. According to the broker listing the 220 acre estate, EnlightenNext is seeking to relocate to smaller facilities and into the Connecticut River Valley town of Northampton, MA. Described by EnlightenNext as its “World Center“, the former Vanderbilt property was purchased in 1996 for $2.8 million; it’s now on the market for nearly $7 million.

During its tenure in Lenox, EnlightenNext has been subject of considerable controversy about its founder and spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. Over the years multiple allegations of abuse of students have come to light including three books, one of which, The Mother of God, was written by Cohen’s mother, Luna Tarlo.

In the fall of 2009, American Guru, by William Yenner and contributors was published. Several events have marked the introduction of the book including a book talk at the Book Store in Lenox and interviews on CTSB TV in South Lee on the Bob Balogh Show on WBCR Radio, as well as feature newspaper articles in the Northampton MA Daily Hampshire Gazette and The Greenfield Recorder. In December American Guru was selected as one of 10 Best Non-fiction Books, by P2P Foundation, a media think tank.

Recently some of the public figures whose contributions Cohen has solicited for publication in EnlightenNext magazine have come forward to express their own concerns about the situation at Foxhollow; their statements can be seen on the American Guru website.

Whether the planned sale of the ashram headquarters has anything to do with the controversy about its founder remains a subject of debate. What seems clear however, is that the once growing organization now seems to be contracting. According to its Federal Tax Filing available at, EnlightenNext lost over $280,000 for 2008; the organization is reaching out in an unprecedented way to garner more public support.

UPDATE: The loss for the year 2009 was $263,000.